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For the first time ever, smart phones and mobile devices accounted for more than 55% of Internet usage in Europe and the USA this past year! That means, more and more often, visitors to your web site have likely viewed your content on a smart phone or tablet rather than on a full sized personal computer. Having a web site that is user friendly, highly functional and attractive across all digital platforms has now become more important than ever. If your potential clients and customers cannot access your web content easily from all potential digital devices, you may have just lost their business for ever.

The problem faced by many brands is on how to be able to serve all your potential visitors while still retaining your brand image without the outrages costs involved with creating and minting separate web sites for each potential screen size. This is where responsive web design comes in.

Responsive Design Example perfect branding on multiple platforms

To see this in action, you can resize your browser window of this web site, if you are on a PC. Drag the corner of the browser to make the window smaller and larger and watch how the web site intelligently reacts. Or, if you are viewing this web site on your smart phone, or tablet, compare this to a PC. You should notice how the layout is flexible, while retaining its functionality regardless of screen size or your use of a mouse or touch screen.

One Web Site one content source

By designing your website through intelligent responsive design, your web site is perfect across all potential digital platforms and screen sizes. That equates greater efficiency and value for your company, while serving your customers in the way that best meets their demands.

We help you and your company attractive ways to communicate efficiently and effectively with your existing clients while helping you to attract new ones.

More Reasons to go Responsive improved search engine ranking

Google and the other big search engines have longed realized this mobile device trend, and they have decided that the experience of potential visitors to your web site is a larger factor in how well your site is ranked. If your web site isn't well adapted to a smart phone, Google will likely penalize your search rankings. And, why shouldn't they? If someone cannot use your web site properly while they are surfing with their mobile device, the chance that they would want to visit your site is greatly decreased.

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